Data Intensive Scientific Computing REU Summer 2017

The 2017 Summer DISC REU students learned how to use high performance computing and big data technologies to enable new discoveries in computer science, physics, and biology. The students spent 10 weeks working collaboratively with expert mentors on grand challenge problems, like discovering new galaxies in digital imagery, discovering new fundamental particles, using gene sequencing to understand disease, and predicting the effect of new drugs using computational modeling, at Notre Dame. To do this, we harnessed large scale computing clusters and big data systems composed of hundreds or thousands of machines, all working together in concert. To make advances in these areas, our goal is to train the next generation of scholars to be adept in both scientific domains and advanced computing techniques.

Participant Summaries

C.-Guccione.jpg - 29.03 kB


Caitlin Guccione

Majors: Mathematics & Computer Science
The University of Rhode Island

Improving the Accessibility of Bioinformatic Workflows by Deploying them on the Cloud 
Poster | Research Video

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Bryan Harris

Majors: Computer Science
University of Louisveille

Analyzing Resource Metadata from High Throughput Computing in an Opportunistic Environment Poster | Research Video

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Connor Howington

Major: Computer Science
Louisiana Tech University

Using computational genomcis and high-throughput computing to study malaria vector A. funestus and parasite P. falciparum 
Poster | Research Video

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Peter Lazorchak

Majors: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

ENTROPY improves admixture analyses of low-coverage sequencing data in Rhagoletis
flies Poster | Research Video

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Kimberly Orr

Majors: Computer Science & Statistics 
Valparaiso University

A new approach for alignment-free comparison of temporal networks 
Poster | Research Video

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Khayyon Parker

Majors: Undecided 
Colorado College

Sensitivity and Uncertainty analysis of Ground Water model Replacement TimML
Poster | Research Video

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Derek Shank

Major: Astrophysics
Ohio Wesleyan University

Utilizing The Cannon to Predict Stellar Parameters
Poster | Research Video

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Jessica Stietzel

Majors: Physics
College of the Holy Cross

Deep Neural Networks for Reconstructing Particle Collisions 
Poster | Research Video

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Justin Wei

Major: Computer Science 
University of North Texas

CNVis: A Web-Based Visual Analytics Tool for Exploring Conference Navigator Data
Poster | Research Video 

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The DISC REU summer program is made possible by the U.S. National Science Foundation under grant CNS-1560363.